What Kind of Reader are You?

What type are you?

Do you join multiple reading challenges each year? Do you plan out the books you’ll read for the for the month or the year in advance? Do you get the warm fuzzies every time you mark a book finished? If so, you may be a Goal-Getter.

Can you not sit still when reading? Do you read while on the treadmill or stationary bike? Do you listen to audiobooks so you can cook, clean, walk, knit, quilt, draw, paint, play with your dog while you read? If so, you’re a Multi-Tasker!

Do you stop and contemplate every sentence in a book? Do you highlight profound paragraphs and make notes in the margin? If so, you might just be a Stop and Smell the Roses Reader.

Do you have multiple books going at one time? Do you find yourself leaving the library or bookstore every week or month with a stack of books worthy of most people’s yearly TBR list? Are there so many books in your Kindle and Audible libraries that you don’t remember downloading them? Are your books crammed into your bookshelves, piled up on the floor, or covering every spare inch in your home? If so, you’re like me (and Belle)! The One Is Never Enough Reader.

Do you prefer to listen to your books? Congratulations, you’re an Audioslave. Bonus points if you like the band too. 🤘🏻

When people brag about reading a book a week do you snort and think, Hah! More like a book a day. Do you devour books like a great white shark in a feeding frenzy? Then you go on with your bad self you Speed Demon!

So which type of reader are you? Join the conversation on Instagram or drop a comment below and let me know.

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