October Reading Wrap Up & November Plans

I was able to finish seven books in October. However I only read one of the books I had planned on reading. It was a weird month for me. Lots of family drama that kept me anxious and scattered most of the month. I couldn’t focus on reading much at all and instead spent most nights knitting and rewatching The Walking Dead in preparation for the series finale.

It never escapes me just how magnificent the first four or five seasons of that show are. They started to lose me after Negan showed up, which kind of surprised me considering Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a favorite of mine. They did lose me for a while with the Whisperers; but when I learned the series would be ending, I went back and watched until I caught up. I will say that season eleven has been a lot better than season ten.

But this post is supposed to be about books, not TWD.

I had hoped to read Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff this month. I did start it, but then my month went to hell in a hand basket. This book is huge and beautifully written and I want to read it when I can dive into it and get lost in the world Kristoff has built, not when I’m an addled mess constantly worrying about family stuff. So I’ve put it on the back burner until the Thanksgiving holiday or possibly even December.

I enjoyed all the books I read this month with Silence Fallen being my favorite read, or listen in this case.

As for November… My November TBR is two books. My priority needs to be writing since November is National Novel Writing Month. As in September, I did not make as much progress on my novel as I had hoped to in October. In fact, I scrapped my draft completely. Of course I made that decision yesterday, so I’ve been furiously outlining an idea that has refused to leave my head for months.

I’ll be reading fiction in my genre. I’ve just started reading Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones and listening to Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs. Those are the only ones I’m planning to finish. I can get by with only reading two this month and remain on track to reach my 100 book goal on goodreads because I’ve had several months when I’ve completed ten+ books this year.

So what’s on your November TBR? Join the conversation on Instagram or let me know in the comments.

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